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37 Hydro Projects in Himachal Pradesh

Note: Directorate of Energy (DoE), Government of Himachal Pradesh, had published a Notice Inviting Proposals (NIP) on October 31, 2014 for 37 Hydro Electric Projects (HEPs) in the state. After multiple extensions of the dates, the process was cancelled on account of poor response. The projects have now been re-announced with relaxed terms and conditions under a new NIP on November 07, 2015.


The projects range in capacity from 5 MW to 205 MW, and are to be allotted on the basis of upfront premium bid. Upfront premium amount is to be quoted in INR Lakhs/ MW, with a minimum upfront premium of INR 1.0 Lakh/MW.


Official Update – November 07, 2015 & January 30, 2016


HP Directorate of Energy has come out with a notice re-inviting tenders for 37 HEP sites in the state of HP with relaxed conditions. The notice has been posted on the DOE website:


Important Dates:

Bid document on sale from Nov 23, 2015
Last date of sale of Bid document June 01, 2016
Last date for submission of bid June 30, 2016
Bid opening date June 30, 2016


Summary of changes:

1. Minimum upfront premium reduced to INR 1.0 Lakh (One Lakh) per MW from the earlier INR 35.0 Lakh per MW. Bids are likely to go lower as the psychological barrier has been reduced.
2. Processing fee per project to be reduced to INR 50,000 per MW with a cap of INR 25.0 lakh per project. Earlier, the processing fee was INR 1.0 Lakh per MW, with the cap being INR 50.0 lakh per project. So for a project of 10 MW, the processing fee will be INR 5.0 Lakh, while for a project above 50 MW, the processing fee will be capped at INR 25.0 Lakh. This is a beneficial change for bidders who are interested in smaller capacity projects as the processing fee has been effectively halved.
3. Bid document fee for projects up to 25 MW has been reduced to INR 1.0 lakh per document (earlier it was INR 3.0 Lakh per project). Also, bid document purchased (for government identified projects only) can be used for any project within the group (earlier, bid document was project specific and bidders were not allowed to use it for another project). Projects have been divided into three groups. Bid document fee for projects above 25 MW will be INR 2.0 Lakh. Bid documents for Self identified projects (group 3) have to be purchased for a specific project.
4. The project list is the same, as earlier, with a minor change that the Manalsu project has been moved to the Self identified category.
5. Qualification criteria, free power and other conditions are same as earlier.


For more information regarding the projects, please email us.


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