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Mini hydro power in Africa

Africa has immense potential for mini hydro power projects in its many rivers and their tributaries. This represents an opportunity that is waiting to be tapped. More than 70% of the exploitable potential in the developed world has been harnessed. The hydropower development opportunity in rest of the world has been shrinking rapidly. With about 90% of the potential in Africa being undeveloped, the opportunity for hydropower developers clearly exists in Africa. Africa with its low per capita electricity consumption and large power shortages / outages, is a ripe market for dependable base load generation from hydropower.
SCG has been working closely with hydropower developers and investors in Africa for the since 2010. SCG portfolio includes multiple hydro power projects in Kenya (10 projects totalling 130 MW) and Nigeria (3 projects totalling 6 MW). SCG has provided services such as site identification, feasibility assessment, detailed survey and investigation, DPR, Design and engineering, Financial modelling and PPA advisory. SCG has established relationships with local companies in Rwanda, Mozambique and DRC as well. SCG has the on-ground experience and technical competence to offer comprehensive services such as market survey, liaison, design and engineering and associated technical studies to investors / developers.

Some services offered by SCG include:

  • Detailed Feasibility Report and assessment of hydro power project sites
  • Project finance including equity and debt
  • Financial modelling
  • Due diligence of hydro projects including Project cost estimation
  • Buy side advisory for acquisition of hydro projects for investors
  • Detailed engineering and design of hydro projects
  • Implementation of projects & Owner’s engineer services
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